Tips To Renovate a Bathroom Without Major Construction Work

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom without major construction work can still bring about significant improvements and a fresh look. Undertaking a rehabilitation without drills or blows of a pillory that is, dispensing with masonry work is intelligent for different reasons.

Financial savings is one of them. In this way, owners reduce the cost of processing licenses and administrative fees.

The duration of the project is also shortened and the risk of causing damage to the property is reduced. Since the activity of the renovation professionals is less invasive, so to speak. In addition, there are many ideas for renovating a bathroom without major construction work.

Simple ideas to renovate the bathroom:

Vinyl floors transform effortlessly

Vinyl covering is an ingenious solution for installing bathroom floors without major construction work. This product, made of polyvinyl chloride, has an adhesive side that allows it to be attached to any existing surface, whether tiles or porcelain stoneware, without having to remove it.

Therefore, changing the floor without work is not only possible: it can also be practical and economical.

Tiles are better painted

If removing a tiled floor is unfeasible, why not paint it? This trick is far from being a novelty, and that is why specific paints are sold on the market to cover bathroom tiles without major construction work.

Although pre-cleaning is annoying and drying times can be demanding, it is still a more agile and economical option for de-tiling 2 or 3 square meters of surface.

Subtract elements to save space

Because less is more, choosing to delete elements can be an unbeatable solution. This is easy to achieve in furniture, with the use of flown chairs and tables or the unification of separate objects (combining a side table and a chest of drawers, for example).

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However, this commitment to simplification does not apply to the construction elements.

For example, knocking down a partition requires a minor construction license in most municipalities, in addition to the intervention of bricklayers.

Replace the bathtub with a shower tray

Following the philosophy of the previous point, the replacement of elements and furniture does not require construction permits in most cases. This is what happens with replacing the bathtub with a shower tray.

This operation, which can be carried out in a single day, can transform a bathroom drastically, being a clear example of a bathroom renovation without any major construction work.

Swap out old towel racks, toilet paper holders, and cabinet hardware for stylish and coordinated options.

Microcement coatings

Another answer to the question of how to renovate a bathroom without work is microcement.

This material is formed from resins, mineral pigments, and cement. This allows you to cover all types of surfaces directly, that is, without the need to remove the paving or tiles.

Shower screens

Another small renovation capable of transforming the appearance of any bathroom is replacing the curtain with a screen. This accessory, common in bathtubs and shower trays, prevents the furniture and walls from receiving splashes and prevents the floor from getting waterlogged when cleaning.

Since it can be installed with the help of hooks and other adhesive accessories, without drilling a single hole. It is compatible with a bathroom renovation project without any hard work.

Shelves without drill

Traditionally, the use of screws and dowels was necessary to attach certain projections and furniture in the bathroom.

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However, today it is possible to implement shelves, towel racks, toilet paper holders, and other similar accessories using highly resistant suction cups and adhesives. Although simple, these add-ons can make a difference.

Use ceramic cover

Instead of using panels to cover bathroom tiles, it is possible to use a specially developed powder to cover these pieces of pottery. We are talking about a putty called ceramic cover, which is easy and quick to apply.

Renew the taps

The faucet is a functional and decorative element that rarely remains untouched during a renovation. Is it possible to change it without calling the bricklayers? The answer is affirmative, provided that the new taps have a design adaptable to the existing installation.

Select options that align with your taste and preferences to create a bathroom that feels like a brand-new retreat.

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