The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Mattress

Experts agree that getting good sleep is one of the single best ways to maintain and improve our health. A perfect mattress is a huge factor in our ability to sleep well, yet many people overlook its importance and keep using a mattress that fails to provide enough support and comfort.

A new mattress can be a sizable investment, but taking this step can unlock your ability to sleep better. As with any major purchase, you want to make sure that you choose wisely.

To help you get a handle on how to choose a mattress, we break down the key information piece by piece. With this guide, you’ll know to find the best mattress with the right firmness and features to suit your needs and deliver great sleep night after night.

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How to Choose a Mattress?

Mattress Types

If you’re just getting started looking for a new mattress, you’ve probably noticed that the number of options can be dizzying. A helpful way to get your bearings is to start by thinking about mattress types.

Almost all mattresses can be identified as one of five types — foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, or airbed. Innersprings are the most well-known and traditionally were the mainstay in homes nationwide. In recent years, though, other mattress types have surged in popularity.

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These other mattress types have expanded their reach primarily by offering a more dynamic performance. They’ve also become more affordable and accessible with the growth of the online mattress industry.

Knowing the basics about each of these types can serve as a foundation upon which you can continue your search for the best mattress.


These mattresses are made entirely with foam and no coils. They tend to provide above-average contouring to the body, pressure relief, and motion isolation, making them a good fit for side sleepers and couples.

Among the foams that are used in these mattresses, memory foam is the most well-known. Buyers also check the deals at mattress online discount code NHS


An innerspring mattress has a coil-based support system and a few other layers. While the coils offer some support, the innerspring often lacks pressure relief. Their sleeping surface is bouncier and has limited motion isolation. With a lower price point, these are more popular among budget shoppers.


Hybrids have two central elements: an innerspring support core and a substantial foam comfort system. The comfort layers can include foam or latex and sometimes will even include a shorter layer of coils (called micro-coils).

These mattresses provide a blend of bounce and contouring with low heat retention and can be a good fit for sleepers in any position depending on exactly how they are built.


When all of the layers of a mattress are made with latex rubber, some call it an all-latex or true-latex mattress. For simplicity’s sake, we just use the term latex mattress.

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These offer top-notch bounce and durability with moderate contouring. When made with natural and organic latex, they are a top pick among eco-conscious shoppers. Customers also view at eBay discount code NHS.


Airbeds are built with an air chamber as their support core. A pump controlled by a smartphone or remote — is built into the mattress to add or remove air with the push of a button, giving sleepers the utmost in firmness and flexibility. Couples love airbeds because each side can be set to a different firmness level.


Comfort is subjective, which means that it’s critical to find a mattress that feels right to you.

Firmness describes how hard or soft a bed feels. To compare options, we use a 1-10 firmness scale. It isn’t perfectly scientific. 

How to choose a sofa bed?

With the festive season nearly upon us, make sure your home can cater to visiting friends and family when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

Squeezing additional guests into a living room or an office is a great way to save space the rest of the year if you don’t have a dedicated spare bedroom, in which case a sofa bed can double up as a handy piece of furniture. 

When choosing the right sofa bed for your space and needs, there are several factors to take into account. First and foremost, there should be comfort—both in terms of a regular sofa and how it performs as a bed—and this will be impacted by how frequently it’s likely to be used for either purpose.  

It’s always a good idea to test the product in the store’s showroom before ordering and don’t feel embarrassed about folding the bed out to see how smoothly the mechanism works.

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Carefully consider the dimensions of your new sofa bed. Try to leave a gap on either side and at the end of the bed. To allow guests easy access where possible.

Where possible, try and choose a design that has a mattress thickness of at least five inches, or you may want to invest in a separate mattress topper which can help reduce lumps and bumps for your guests.  

Below we outline some of the different design options to consider, depending on your space and requirements.

In conclusion

In conclusion, navigating the vast mattress market requires a thoughtful approach to ensure a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Mattress has armed you with valuable insights, empowering you to make an informed decision based on your unique preferences and needs. Remember to prioritize factors such as mattress type, firmness, and material composition to align with your sleep style.

Considerations like budget and warranty also play pivotal roles in the selection process. By balancing these elements, you can find the ideal mattress that not only supports your body but also contributes to overall well-being.

With this guide as your compass, rest easy knowing that a good night’s sleep is within reach. Promising not only comfort but a foundation for a healthier, happier life. Sweet dreams await as you embark on the journey to discover the mattress that perfectly suits you.

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