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Are there times of year when it costs less to hire movers? I Removals Birmingham presents you with a complete file on the Good seasons to move cheaper, with the advantages and disadvantages perceived by moving professionals. All our advice for moving at the best price all year round.

Moving in winter to get cheaper rates

If you want to move during the winter, you will likely be able to get cheaper rates and greater availability of movers. However, this also involves taking some precautions; do not hesitate to consult our Moving in Winter guide to better prepare for your move during the cold season.

Depending on the season in which you wish to removals Kings Norton and the regions concerned, climatic conditions can vary greatly. In winter, for example, you will probably encounter difficult weather conditions. But only if they are exceptional at the time of year and in the place where they suffered. This can impact moving times and professional trucks may be blocked or slowed down.

You will also need to provide, depending on the moving plan you choose, adequate packaging, protection, and boxes depending on the weather forecast (resistant to snow and/or rain) as well as suitable clothing. You can also take out insurance, such as property damage insurance if you consider that the risk.

Finally, if you want to use a furniture lift, it will also be more difficult to use in snow or strong winds.

The weather will therefore need to be monitored if you wish to move in winter. Organize your change of residence as best as possible by planning your steps in the moving calendar which is offered to you free of charge by Removals Kingstanding. Sign up for this service to centralize all your procedures and move in a more relaxed way.

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Prices and moving times depend on the season

The season can therefore influence the prices of your move, but also the availability of movers. If you are moving in the summer, you will need to do it two to three months in advance. Compared to one month the rest of the year. Lower prices also apply between October and March.

Do not hesitate to take a day off to which you are often entitled in your company: check your collective agreement.

In high seasons, demand is greater and can lead to less availability and less flexibility in dates and services. On the other hand, you can then benefit from super movers, with more people moving at the same time in the same area. This is an opportunity to benefit from negotiated and more attractive rates, an infallible advantage of group moves.

What moving plan does the professional offer?

Moving professionals use their imagination to offer you the formula that meets your needs: economical formula, standard formula, improved formula … Each adapts to the volume, the distance to be covered, and of course to your budget. Most I Removals Birmingham companies detail their packages on their websites. Do not hesitate to consult several of them and ask for quotes in order to be able to compare and make your choice. 

Other good months for moving

Another peak period for moving is the end of the year. From mid-December to early January, very strong activity is noted by removals Stechford. This phenomenon is explained in particular by the desire to reduce the amount of your housing tax, if you are a tenant, or your property tax if you are an owner. Since the amount of these taxes is established and calculated based on the accommodation you occupy on January 1, N+1. This is why the end of the year represents a peak in mover activity.

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The end of the month is more in demand since it corresponds to a period when the rental lease can be terminated. Just like school holidays, where we generally allow ourselves a few days to enjoy with family. Weekends are also favored over weekdays, always with the idea of ​​having the fewest days off to take, and of having loved ones to help you …

The end of year celebrations, to a lesser extent, can be requested: with these holidays, you are entitled to days off and the housing tax must only be paid if the accommodation is occupied on January 1st.

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