Why Should Corporations Use Kofax Power PDF 4?

Why Should Corporations Use Kofax Power PDF 4?

The most widespread type of document in today’s age is the Portable Document Format or PDF. Almost everyone, from individuals to corporations, uses this file format. Using PDF comes with several advantages. For instance, it can be modified, encrypted, tailored, and accessed anywhere.

With the invention of software like Kofax Power PDF 4, you can add more value to your PDF files. It is particularly ideal for corporations that need multiple features and modifications in their files.

Kofax Power PDF 4 offers numerous benefits to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your paperwork. If you want to know how your organization can benefit from this remarkable tool, keep reading. This article will discuss the vital advantages of Kofax Power PDF 4 for your corporation.

7 Benefits that Kofax Power PDF 4 Offers

Do you want to edit, modify, combine, or convert your office PDF files? All these functions can be done with ease using Power PDF 4. Here is how you can benefit from this outstanding software:

1. More Portable

During the pandemic, remote businesses or work-from-home gained much popularity. It opened new doors of probabilities and options. Even some organizations developed during the era completely based on distant work models. This gave rise to another need. Companies started looking for more portability regarding their paperwork.

Today, the need for feasibly transportable files has increased manifold. To fulfill this requirement, many businesses have found Kofax Power PDF 4 the most useful tool. You can contact the experts at Kofax UAE to get this amazing tool, making your files more portable. This will bring more effectiveness and productivity to your workplace.

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2. Complete Control

To enhance the usability of your files, you need to be the master of all the paperwork. It means you need to gain full control over your PDF file. This will help you use and edit all the documents whenever and in whatever way you want. With ordinary tools and applications, you get only limited features, restricting your ability to modify the files.

On the other hand, when you use the Kofax PDF editor, all the obstructions can be eliminated. It gives you full control over your paperwork. You can easily highlight the important texts and edit content. Additionally, the tools’ remarkable features let you censor sensitive information and add notes wherever required.

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3. Merging Files

In an organization where teamwork is of utmost importance, merging files is common. It is because, most of the time, different members of the same time work on the same document in separate dimensions. At the end of the day, you need to compile all the paperwork into a single PDF file. That is why you require a better file merger.

If you go for the Kofax PDF editor, you do not have to purchase a separate merger. It helps you organize and merge various paperwork into a single file format. This software is not only cost-effective but also offers more features than ordinary file mergers.

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4. Enhance Creativity

Long gone are the times when people used to make simple files with words only.  Today, innovation and creativity have found their way into every field, including the paperwork. The idea that businesses should use plain and boring files is only a myth. This misconception leads to the generation of dull files, which often fail to impress the relevant authorities.

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If you want to achieve something via your PDF files, you need to incorporate appropriate creativity. For this, no tool is better than Kofax Power PDF 4. It helps you include interactive materials in your PDF documents, including photos, infographics, and slides. If you work in the entertainment business, you can also add music and video clips.

5. E-signature Support

What would you do when your signature is needed on a file? If you are going old-school in your organization, you first have to print the respective file to get the hard copy for signing. After you are done, you need to scan the copy to send it to the recipient. This process has the following drawbacks:

  • It is time-consuming and needs more resources
  • It is against the rules of the Green Revolution, which is aimed at making the earth a livable place

Therefore, you need to get the Kofax PDF editor to utilize its e-signature tools, disregarding the above issues.

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6. Robust Security

Document security is of utmost importance, particularly in today’s era. The threats of cyberattacks and data theft have increased exponentially. Therefore, safeguarding your PDF files is more critical than ever. This way, you can protect your organization and clients from the detrimental consequences of malicious digital attacks.

You can contact the experts at Kofax UAE to achieve the objectives using Kofax Power PDF 4. This way, you can protect your PDF documents using password protection, watermarks, and other security features.

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Is Your Organization Using Kofax Power PDF 4?

A powerful PDF editor is a fundamental need of every corporation and company. It helps tailor and secure the files. Contact a reliable service provider to use the Kofax PDF editor and enhance the usability of your files.

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