What month is dedicated to Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj stone)

What month is dedicated to Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj stone)

Yellow sapphires are known as the stones of wisdom and prosperity. They promote spiritual development while increasing clarity of thought. Furthermore, yellow sapphires offer emotional stability. Yellow Sapphire, known by some as Pukhraj stone is considered to be the gem of Jupiter, who governs those involved with law, education, business, and commerce. In this blog, we’ll discuss about “what month is dedicated to yellow sapphire.” Additionally, businessmen will find this yellow sapphire invaluable. The Original Pukhraj Stone Price plays a pivotal role for those seeking its benefits.

While there isn’t a specific month dedicated exclusively to yellow sapphire. It is often considered auspicious and beneficial for individuals born under these signs. As per astrology, wearing yellow sapphire is believed to bring luck, prosperity and various positive influences to those born in these zodiac signs.


September’s Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone) is one of the most symbolic gemstones, representing luck and success. Additionally, it serves as a popular engagement ring stone and traditional fifth wedding anniversary stone.

Ancient sapphires were traditionally associated with heaven, making them popular with oracles as they helped them connect to their intuitive third eye. Royalty also often wore yellow sapphires as protection from snakes or other harmful entities.

Pukhraj is a variety of corundum that takes its signature yellow hue from iron impurities. To recognize a genuine Pukhraj stone from fakes, look for absorption lines at 4500nm on a spectrometer; real ones will crackle or split when heated – further evidence of its authenticity. Wearing Pukhraj under professional guidance provides numerous health, wealth, happiness and peace-of-mind benefits for wearers of this gemstone stone. Its wearers particularly benefit from strong Jupiter energy in helping them attain goals they may otherwise struggle with.

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Ancient sapphires were revered symbols of purity, with priests wearing them to protect themselves from impure thoughts and sexual temptations. Later, in the Middle Ages, sapphires became fashionable accessories like rings and brooches among royalty; soldiers also gave young wives sapphire necklaces to help ensure chastity.

Yellow sapphire can now be found throughout Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Madagascar, China, Australia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Kashmir and Montana. It’s thought that yellow sapphire formed when stones found beneath the Earth’s surface were subjected to intense pressure and heat that eventually formed this precious gem. Yellow sapphire is known as the gemstone of prosperity as it brings wealth in every field – including business and professions related to knowledge – providing mental stability as well as increasing dedication towards one’s goals. Perfect for law careers education business or law students or lawyers wanting to progress in law careers or business!


Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone) is an exceptional gemstone that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, as well as luck, wealth, and prosperity for its wearer. Astrologers recommend wearing this gemstone when encountering obstacles in life or seeking ways to overcome them. Additionally, it promotes family peace while aiding childless couples to conceive a child.

Jupiter, who rules Yellow Sapphire, is responsible for creating harmonious marriages, love and conjugal satisfaction, children and wealth. Females in particular can take great advantage of having this gemstone; it provides them with suitable life partners and improves their ability to cope with difficult situations. While helping them be disciplined in meeting goals and setting disciplined plans for themselves. Yellow Sapphire also makes an invaluable ally for advocates, lawyers, judges, teachers scholars writers and artists.

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This powerful gemstone is one of the nine Navratna gemstones and should be worn only after consulting an expert horoscope reader. To maximize its power and benefits, wear this powerful gem on Thursday morning during Shukla Paksha and wear it on its index finger on both hands Thursday morning for best results.


Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone) is a prized gemstone renowned for its many benefits. Particularly among merchants, traders, and businesspeople looking to enhance their wealth and prosperity. Believed to bring wealth and fortune, as well as wisdom and success throughout life. Merchants commonly wear Yellow Sapphire pendants to increase wealth and prosperity.

Vedic astrology suggests this gemstone for people working in education, law, and business. Additionally, it brings financial security while strengthening willpower. Furthermore, this gemstone promotes love and marital happiness, revegetating fertility and contributing towards producing healthy descendants within families.

Gemstones such as Turquoise can be particularly beneficial to Sagittarius and Pisces sun sign natives; however. They should consult a professional astrologer to ascertain whether this gemstone will fit their janam kundli.

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