What are the advantages & disadvantages of studying in Tokyo?

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Westerners have always idealized Japan, whether it is because of its highly developed cities or its incredibly well-organized populace. Tokyo in particular has always held a fascination for them. Studying in Tokyo, though, is a very different story. Aside from the wonderful history and culture, studying in Tokyo is not at all as you may think. We’ve gathered some compelling arguments to assist you in fully comprehending the benefits and drawbacks of studying in Japan.

Benefits of Studying in Tokyo

1. The Cuisine

Tokyo’s street food is a formidable culinary experience. You might be accustomed to having the fewest possible meal options when traveling, but Tokyo will continually introduce you to a vast array of mouthwatering foods that will tantalize your taste buds. The cuisine is not only really tasty but also reasonably priced in comparison. A staple of Japanese cuisine is sushi and sashimi. You will, of course, always come across the hot pot, which is a unique experience. Tokyo cuisine makes studying there well worth it!

2. Sincere regard and caring

You’ll discover that people in Japan have incredibly kind spirits. There is usually a sense of respect for one another, and unpleasant behavior is uncommon. It seems that most people care about the welfare and friendliness of those who surround them. This is a fantastic difference from Western culture, where individuals are often nasty and unhelpful.

3. Excellent Education

Japan is known for having the best educational system in the world, and studying there in Tokyo would confirm this. If you have already decided to study in Japan, you will be happy to hear this. The people here are incredibly diligent, and the achievement-based educational system has had a positive impact on Japanese culture. You can spend the summer in Tokyo with Seisen University or experience the well-known old city of Kyoto, which is home to one of Japan’s largest institutions. Of course, you can study a wide range of courses, including business, marketing, and Japanese.

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4. Safe Country

Japan boasts one of the lowest rates of crime worldwide. This makes your stay at student accommodation Tokyo secure. Tokyo, among the world’s safest big cities, is also not an exception. Just as we talked about the respect that Japanese people have for one another, they also go to tremendous lengths to return lost objects. It is likely that you will find your stuff, everything in it, if you leave your wallet on a bench or your keys in a park or another location. There is a lost and found office in Tokyo Metro as well, where a lot of people go to find misplaced items.

5. Finding work makes it simple to stay longer

After a while of studying abroad, it’s normal for your foreign trip to start feeling like home. Returning to your home country while unsure of when you’ll see your friends and relatives who live abroad might be annoying. There is a great need for foreign labor, which is one of the main benefits of studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan. For foreign nationals, Japan offers a large range of employment visas, including temporary and vacation visas. Although getting a work visa in Japan might still be difficult, entry to the nation is usually unrestricted for foreigners.

Drawbacks of Studying in Tokyo:

1. High cost of living

Living in Japan is regarded as one of the priciest things in the world. Even if there are many luxurious, practical, and exciting benefits to studying in Tokyo, you will still have to pay a lot more than you would for everyday necessities. Things like visiting one of Osaka’s castles or taking a vacation to see the cherry blossoms may appear costly. That might be advantageous, though, given Japan has an excellent educational system and takes great care of its students. Most likely, the university will organise your housing, giving you extra cash for dining out and sightseeing in Tokyo.

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2. Constantly feeling different

You will constantly have the impression that people are staring at you when you travel to Japan. And it genuinely doesn’t go away. Thus, overseas students need to adjust to their new environment. Studying in Tokyo presents more cultural obstacles than before. You’ll feel alienated by small things like language hurdles. You’ll also feel scrutinized if your hair or eyes are not the same hue. Additionally, you will encounter some pointers, which can be annoying at times. However, Japanese people are generally very kind and understanding, and they will likely applaud you.

3. Language barrier

Not being a native speaker can be a major obstacle in day-to-day life. Even those who have studied Japanese for years find it difficult to communicate with natives. Therefore, because of your appearance, Japanese people may ignore you despite your fluency. Just attempt to come across as a little more personable so that the Japanese will strike up a conversation with you. It will be difficult for you if you don’t learn the language if you are studying in Tokyo, therefore make the time to do so.

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