How to Boost Your Home’s Value and Sell It for More: 5 Key Features

home's value

Instead of sifting through countless properties in search of the ideal upselling opportunity, it’s wiser to construct a home with the perfect features. This not only saves you time in the house-hunting process but also grants you full control to create a residence that truly resonates with buyers, prompting them to open their wallets willingly. By building a home that meets the current market demands and trends, you can also increase your home’s value and earn a higher return on your investment.

Whether you’re constructing a new home for yourself or developing homes for sale in Summerland, BC to captivate potential buyers, it’s essential to incorporate practical features. Features that genuinely enhance the quality of life for those who will reside in the home automatically elevate its desirability in the market.

Key enhancements for Summerland real estate properties to make them sell quickly on the market:

Maximise natural light

Unless you’re down in the basement or hanging out in a dim wine cellar, it’s crucial to make natural light a top priority in your home. We all have an innate appreciation for the sun’s rays, and basking in natural light can boost our spirits, productivity, and overall well-being. When it comes to Summerland houses for sale, most potential buyers recognize the value of abundant natural light and are willing to pay extra for it.

Ensure each room boasts ample large windows, especially in spacious areas like the living room – consider floor-to-ceiling windows for a wow factor. If you’re concerned about privacy, opt for windows that offer views outside while keeping prying eyes at bay. For rooms without traditional windows, skylights or sky tubes can work wonders in ushering in that sought-after natural light. Buyers who truly appreciate this feature might even ask you to flick off the switches to fully experience the home’s natural illumination.

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Well-equipped kitchens

When the participants in MasterChef or other cooking competition shows cook or run to the pantry to gather ingredients, you’re always in awe of the decked-out kitchens. If you could offer the same feature in your home, you would be able to sell it off easily in the market. Some of the features of a well-equipped kitchen include:

  • Copper or steel backsplashes
  • A modular pantry
  • Induction tops
  • Stainless steel or marble countertops
  • Pull-down faucets

The kitchen appliances you choose can influence how customers perceive your home’s value. You may also consider incorporating spacious kitchen islands to enhance the overall flow of the space. If you’re dealing with a limited room, opt for an open floor plan, which seamlessly connects your kitchen to the living area, creating a sense of spaciousness throughout the entire area.

Hardwood flooring

Vinyl can replicate the look of hardwood and various other materials, offering affordability and low maintenance. However, homeowners tend to favour properties with genuine hardwood floors. Hardwood is valued not only for its premium quality but also for the way it evolves over time, developing unique colours and beautiful knots.

If you aim to sell your home swiftly and at a higher price, think about installing hardwood flooring. Similarly, stone flooring is a great choice, enhancing your home’s value with its remarkable durability and timeless appeal.

Location and view

Irrespective of the home you are building, it won’t be in high demand unless it has a good location and an excellent view. You should also consider the amenities that are in close proximity to the space. They say “Location, location, location” for good reason. The right amenities can make a home in poor condition the best place to live in the Okanagan regionwhile a great location in Summerland has the power to transform the shabbiest home into a steal.

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As climate change brings about increasingly severe weather and other dramatic shifts, consumers are growing more attuned to sustainability. What’s more, sustainable features not only align with eco-friendliness but also prove cost-effective in the long run by reducing maintenance expenses. So, incorporating solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and eco-friendly insulation materials boasting a high R-value can enhance the value of your home and expedite its sale on the market.

When you incorporate the features mentioned above into your new home and showcase its standout qualities when listing it, you can expect inquiries from prospective buyers to pour in quickly. If the home is located in an attractive, well-planned neighbourhood with excellent safety standards, it is a definite plus. By understanding market demands and conducting thorough research, you can craft the ideal home that will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers, including those with substantial budgets.

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