Typhoid: Can It be Prevented by Nutritional Means?

Typhoid Treatment

Typhoid is a highly contagious disease and can be fatal if not treated on time. Sometimes, it can render a person paralyzed or immobile for months. That’s why most doctors suggest going for preventive measures where your lifestyle and eating habits can keep you safe from the infection of the bacteria causing typhoid fever.

From maintaining personal hygiene to ensuring maximum cleanliness, there are many ways through which you can enhance safety against typhoid. However, remember that maintaining an absolute Typhoid Treatment is also crucial. Until and unless your body receives enough nutrition, your immune system won’t be able to fight off the germs and keep you safe.

Keeping this in mind, we have shared details on a proper typhoid nutritional diet you should follow to prevent succumbing to the disease.

Benefits of following the typhoid diet

Before explaining the nutritional diet you must follow to prevent typhoid, let’s have a look at why the diet is important. Changing your food habits without knowing the purpose can lead to more problems than you can comprehend. Here we have discussed a few factors you must know about the typhoid diet and its importance in our lives.

  1. The typhoid diet usually contains more fluid to maintain the body’s osmoregulation and ionic balance. If these two factors are not maintained optimally, you might suffer from chronic dehydration which may aggravate the fever.
  2. When you do not follow a proper diet for typhoid, the recovery chances decrease and the recovery period gets prolonged. If you want to recover from the disease fast, you should eat a proper diet.
  3. Since the typhoid diet contains many minerals and vitamins, your body will receive appropriate nutrition for enhancing immunity. As a result, your body can fight off infectious germs much better.
  4. There are certain food items you should avoid if you want to recover faster and in a better way from typhoid. For example, the intake of excessive sugar during typhoid fever reduces the chances of recovery and can be fatal.
  5. Last but not least, following the diet is essential if you have any other comorbidity like high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, diabetes, and so on.
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Things to eat to prevent typhoid

Here, we have discussed the importance of following the Typhoid diet as a means of disease prevention and food items to avoid if you have the disease.

  1. You must increase your consumption of vegetables as much as possible. Whether it is in the form of a salad or boiled vegetable stew, having these ingredients in your regular typhoid diet is essential. Many vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants flavonoids, and so on. These strengthen your immune system and reduce the chances of mortality.
  2. Always keep yourself hydrated as much as possible while fighting typhoid. It is advisable to drink boiled water. You can also balance your fluid intake by having fresh coconut water, fruit juice, and so on.
  3. If you do not have lactogen intolerance, try to eat dairy products having low fat. You can go for plain Greek yogurt, Cottage cheese, skimmed milk, and so on. It would be better if you consume these dairy products freshly made at home rather than buying them from a convenience store.
  4. Since typhoid fever is occasionally accompanied by cough and cold, you can have herbal tea with components like chamomile, peppermint, lavender, and cinnamon. These ingredients will help alleviate cough and cold and provide you momentary relief. You can also drink boiled water with Basil leaves, turmeric, and rock sugar.
  5. You should also increase your protein intake in the typhoid diet. Try to eat eggs, milk, soya, chicken, and so on. These have higher protein content and are beneficial to your digestive system.
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Things not to eat while fighting typhoid

There are certain things that you cannot include in your typhoid diet if you want to recover faster from typhoid. These are:

  1. Alcoholic beverages
  2. Red meat
  3. Seafish not having enough Omega fatty acids
  4. Too much salt or sugar
  5. Spicy food
  6. Canned food items


In this article, we shared the details of food items you can take during typhoid or to prevent the same. Based on this, you can prepare the typhoid diet including all the essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients necessary for boosting the immune system.

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