The Medicator’s Specialties: A Journey of Discovery:

The Medicator's Specialties

It is challenging for the business office to efficiently charge and collect for services when dealing with the complicated and constantly-changing medical billing of a specialized medical clinic. Billing errors, late payments, and a lack of personnel to process claims effectively end up harming clinics in the most vulnerable area: their bottom line. The Medicator’s Specialties practices benefit immediately from our adaptable business model, local teams, and cutting-edge billing systems.

Talking to someone is the first step. In order to suggest the best course of action and software for you, we need to know about your particular type of business. We understand that there is no one size fits all solution, which is why our alternatives are flexible and easily adaptable. You should never have to be concerned about billing again.

How We Work:

The majority of specialized clinics are organized like medical practices, with employees working in the business office. This can be expensive, and it is frequently one of the most expensive line items in a clinic’s budget. The Medicator’s organization was built on a new business strategy that provides the same excellent outcomes at a lower cost. Our virtual company strategy places medical billing professionals in several locations across the country, allowing us to access a large pool of outstanding talent while keeping prices low. Our lower pricing allows us to pass these savings on to our clients.

Medical billing specialty services we offer:

The Medicators’ s Medical Billing Specialties includes.

  • Pediatric Billing Services.
  • Chiropractic Billing services.
  • Psychiatry or Mental Health billing services.
  • Pathology Billing services.
  • Radiology Medical Billing Services. 
  • Cardiology Medical Billing Services 
  • Gynecology Billing Services.
  • Neurology Medical Billing Services.
  • General Surgery Billing services.
  • Family Practice Billing Services.
  • Orthopedic Medical Billing Services.
  • Gastroenterology Billing Services.
  • Podiatry Billing Services. 
  • Internal Medicine Billing Services.
  • Nephrology Billing Services. 
  • Rheumatology Billing Services.
  • Genetics Billing Services. 
  • Oncology Billing Services. 
  • Dietitian Billing Services. 
  • Hematology Billing Services. 
  • Ophthalmology Billing Services. 
  • Dentistry Billing Services. 
  • Urology Billing Services. 
  • Pulmonology Billing Services. 
  • Dermatology Billing Services. 
  • Acupuncture Billing Services. 
  • Allergy / Immunology Billing Services. 
  • Addiction Medicine Billing Services. 
  • Bariatrics Billing Services. 
  • Anesthesiology Billing Services. 
  • DM Equipment Billing Services. 
  • Endocrinology Billing Services. 
  • Geriatrics Billing Services. 
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Common Challenges in Specialty Practices:

  • Unhappy with the RCM/billing services your EHR/EMR provider is offering?
  • ignorance of the technological solutions that can be used.
  • Negligence has been displayed by the existing medical billing outsourcing partner.
  • having difficulties as a result of a staff shortage of experience.
  • inadequate management of practices.
  • handling an excessive number of outside audits.
  • Unresolved charges, AR, and denials.

What can you achieve with The Medicator’s Specialty Billing Services?

Quicker Cash Flows:

With our full billing cycle support, we guarantee a consistent cash flow for our clients at a much faster rate from preparing specialty bills to receiving the real payments.

Economical Resolution:

Outsourcing medical billing to The Medicator’s is a financially advantageous option for a variety of specializations since it eliminates the need for our clients to maintain resources (technology, software, and personnel). The Medicator’s assists in a minimum 40% reduction in your billing processing expenses.

Reduce Average Accounts Receivable (AR):

Because our team has managed the entire specialized medical billing process and quickly resolved any processing issues, our clients’ AR days have dramatically lowered.

Record keeping:

We take on the role of record keeper for our clients when all billings are processed through The Medicators, which speed up the handling of any outstanding or pending claims and guarantees that all paperwork is conveniently accessible.

Whole concentration on your practice:

We handle all of your specialized billing, freeing you up to concentrate on running your business and achieving higher patient satisfaction.

Serve More Patients:

You will have more time to devote to patients once you have resolved all billing issues and reduced management headaches.

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Boost your financial well-being by working with an outsourced billing partner:

Whether you are in charge of a hospital, health center, or private practice, the success of your business depends on your internal staff. Time-constrained employees, however, occasionally find it challenging to manage their demanding tasks and stay afloat in the constantly changing healthcare landscape.  Furthermore, maintaining a full and skilled workforce is made more difficult by an unending labor scarcity. Because of this, a lot of businesses are contracting out all or a portion of their medical bills to outside businesses. These extremely skilled businesses are professionals with the know-how and resources to boost your practice’s financial stability and income cycles right now.

Why The Medicator’s is the Ideal Partner for Outsourcing specialty practices:

  • 30 to 40% cost savings Regular quality assurance inspections.
  • No annual long-term contracts.
  • Integrating HL-7 with top independent EHR systems.
  • Customizable monthly reports.
  • devoted and knowledgeable staff.
  • experienced with a range of specialty-specific insurance and health programs.
  • strong presence around the US in different places.
  • Worked with 30+ specialties.
  • 24/7 medical billing services and revenue cycle management.

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