The Best Two-Slice Toasters of 2023

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Any appliance that can ease your  morning rush-hour schedule is a welcome addition to your kitchen. A pop-up bread toaster is one such appliance that ensures you don’t have to spend a lot of time on preparing breakfast. You just need to insert bread slices into the slots of the toaster and the appliance will take care of the rest. Once all the toasts are done, you can top them up with your favourite spreads for a delectable breakfast. 

If you want to add one such toaster to your existing range of kitchen appliances, here are the top options that you can consider on your shortlist. 

KENT Crisp Pop-Up Toaster

The new KENT Crisp Pop-Up Toaster is the perfect appliance to make your breakfast healthy to eat and convenient to prepare. It has six different heating modes featuring variable electronic timing control so that you can get the desired colour and crispiness of the toasts anywhere from deep dark brown to light golden brown. 

This bread toaster has convenient features like Reheat for warming up cold toasts and Cancel for stopping the process in between. Its detachable crumb tray ensures easy cleaning of the appliance after each use. 

Philips 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

This 2-slice pop-up toaster from Philips has two slots that easily accommodate bread of varying sizes. It has a high lift feature that ensures easy removal of bread and effortless cleaning. With eight different browning settings, you can toast the bread as per your liking. Overall, it ensures a safe, comfortable and easy toasting experience. 

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Cello Quick Pop-Up Toaster

Cello Quick Pop-Up Toaster is another good choice of a sleek, compact and stylish cooking appliance for preparing your breakfast quickly and easily. It has a round dial to help you choose from medium, dark or light toasts with the press of a button and cool-touch sides for easy handling. Its dual control slots are perfect for accommodating bread, pastries or rolls while heating them to perfection. Further, the slots are extra wide to hold even buns and bagels. 

Morphy Richards AT201 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster

Consuming 650W of power, this smart pop-up toaster from Morphy Richards is ideal for toasting two slices of bread to perfection each time. With its seven different heat settings, you can set the degree and colour of toasts as per your taste. Its cool touch exterior ensures that the external body always remains cool to touch. Its high lift feature ensures that you can lift the toasts out easily without burning your hands. 

Havells Crisp Plus Toaster

Here’s yet another power-packed toaster from Havells. It is specifically designed for even and fast toasting of bread slices. It comes with electronically adjustable browning and seven different heat settings. It can reheat bread toasts without beginning the toasting process from scratch. It comes with a stainless steel rust-resistant enclosure that is easy to clean. 

Bajaj ATX Pop-Up Toaster

The new Bajaj ATX toaster lets you toast two bread slices at a time with six different browning levels for your convenience. The exterior of the appliance remains cool to touch even though it is in use for a long duration, so  it’s safe to use without burning your hands. Its 750W power ensures that you can get the perfect toast quickly, so you don’t have to wait for long for your breakfast to be prepared. The anti-skid base ensures that the appliance stays put in one place. 

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Starting your day with an ‘easy to prepare’ breakfast is a great feeling. These pop-up toasters can facilitate this ease. Buy one of these for yourself so that your mornings can be hassle-free. 

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