How We Can Calculate Two Wheeler Loan EMI?

Calculate Two wheeler loan EMI

Motorcycles in India sell like hotcakes. The reason is simple. When compared to a car, the ownership costs of a bike are pretty low. Furthermore, parking a bike is easy and weaving through traffic is a breeze.

However, the days of buying motorcycles with cash are long gone. The reason is that the ex-showroom prices of motorcycles available in India have gone up. To put things into perspective, even a commuter bike now entails an ex-showroom price of INR. 90, 000 approximately.

Hence, the demand for instant approval bike loan has skyrocketed. On top of this, leading lenders now offer bespoke interest rates, tenures and conditions on bike loan schemes. Then there are the benefits of financing a bike. With the help of bike finance, the buyer can choose the bike that they want. People who want to boost their credit score and credit history can do so with a bike loan. Furthermore, a bike loan allows one to keep emergency funds intact. It means that one would not need to empty their savings or withdraw their fixed deposits to buy a bike. Bike loans act like financial cushions on which a buyer can fall back when they want to buy a bike.

But how can one calculate two-wheeler loan EMI?

Well, to calculate the tentative EMI of a bike loan scheme that one fancies, one can use an EMI calculator. An EMI calculator tool is a free-to-use online application integrated with the official websites of leading lenders. One can also find an EMI calculator tool in leading bike news portals.

Considerations for Smart Repayment Planning:

Prepayment Options

Explore if your lender allows prepayments. Making occasional extra payments can help reduce the principal amount and, consequently, the overall interest paid.

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EMI Affordability

Choose an EMI that aligns with your monthly budget. While a shorter tenure may reduce overall interest, it also increases the monthly EMI amount.

Interest Rate Negotiation

Before finalizing the loan, negotiate the interest rate with your lender. A lower interest rate can significantly impact the overall loan cost.


Calculating two-wheeler loan EMIs is a crucial step in your journey toward owning the ride of your dreams. Armed with a clear understanding of the formula and utilizing online calculators, you can approach the financing process with confidence. Consider your financial goals, choose a repayment plan that suits your budget, and ride into the future on your new two-wheeler with empowered financial planning. Happy riding!

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