How To Transfer Your Business Numbers Without Any Hassle

How To Transfer Your Business Numbers Without Any Hassle

Today’s businesses need the freedom to change their phone service providers without having to give up their existing phone numbers, certainly, our readers may have doubts about the disadvantages that businesses must face. The inconvenience of having to update your number on numerous platforms and business materials results in lost clients, inconsistent branding, and other problems which can be resolved by the best feature called “Number Porting”.

What is Number portability?

Number portability also referred to as local number portability, or LNP, is a procedure that enables you to keep your current home or business phone number when switching from small business phone service providers. The entire process is in detail in this guide, including 

  • What it is? 
  • How it functions
  • Difficulties
  • How to prevent the issues
  • Conclusion 

What is Number Porting?

Number porting is the process of eliminating the need for a new phone number by allowing users to move their current phone numbers between service providers without switching SIM cards or phones. It is very useful for businesses planning for expansions across the globe or shifting to a new place then these phone numbers can transferred from VoIP, landlines, or mobile phones to the current place without changing the number. There might be some situations where the customers dissatisfaction matters with their current carrier but also want to avoid the hassle and expense of changing their phone number should consider number porting as a great alternative.

Key takeaway: In 1988, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allowed telecom service providers to switch phone numbers, and in 1993, number switching became required means that neither the destination carrier nor your current carrier may arbitrarily reject a request to port a phone number instead, both parties must release your phone number for porting.

How does this process work?

By enabling users to essentially switch between their old and new providers’ backends, number porting functions where the users choose the “port in” option on their current device when prompted during the new carrier signup process to keep using their current number with their new account.

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There are a few conditions or sets of rules that need to follow for transferring a VoIP number that are in discussed below:

  • First, you’ll need to give both your old and new carriers the same data you gave them when the business first signup for the service like name, address, Social Security number, account number, and password or other login details of the primary account holder are need to included, and the port may take longer to finish if this information is not available.
  • While different carriers have different specifications for porting VoIP numbers, most do so in a similar manner for the porting process but discuss with your service provider you are planning to shift in prior about the duration.
  • up-to-date account with your current provider by calling customer service, logging into the app, or visiting the website and it’s unlikely that they will allow you to port out of their system if you don’t have an active account.
  • Provide evidence that you are the owner and primary name on the existing carrier’s account. 
  • Do the required payment of any necessary termination or porting fees, depending on the carrier managing the actual number transfer.
  • Verify whether the number issued can be utilized throughout the same country or geographic region as some providers will not be able to port VoIP, toll-free, or numbers from various geographic locations.

Limitations on the Number of Ports:

Some service providers place limits on the number of ports that can be used each month or each year, while others might only permit a certain number of ports to be used in one direction at a time. For instance, some providers limit the number of incoming ports because of contractual obligations with other carriers, but they permit unlimited outbound ports if you are porting to or from other numbers on their network.

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Contract Limitations:

Before allowing number porting, some service providers might also demand that you still have a certain amount of time left on your contract and a few others might refuse to offer the service at all or charge an additional fee, and as a result, it’s crucial to consult with your provider before asking for a number port, or better yet, before picking a provider at all.

Number and Length Limitations:

Based on the length of the phone number being port, some providers have restrictions where they may accept only 10-digit numbers and few may accept 11 or 13-digit numbers. 

The number of Porting Difficulties:

The main cause of number porting issues is a data mismatch. This means that information on the request to the new carrier is typically in a Letter of Agency. Differs from the information kept on file by the current carrier in their Customer Service Record (CSR). The authorized user, service address, area code, and zip code, among other details, must all exactly match those on the CSR of the current provider.

Other issues with number porting could be:

  • Unauthorized account
  • Incorrect PIN code
  • Missing or incorrect account number
  • Unreachable number
  • Erroneous billing phone number
  • Untransferable number
  • Account not existing

How to Prevent Porting Issues?

By taking a few easy steps before requesting the number port.

  • Make sure the old phone number is still in use and that no one else is. 
  • Your current carrier will probably accept your request for a number port. If there are no matches for your phone number it’s best to avoid asking for number porting. If a reverse lookup turns up multiple matches for your old number.
  • The next step is to gather all necessary paperwork. Account information from the customer service team of your current provider if you don’t already have it.
  • Your new provider does not cover your region. 
  • Your number won’t be ported if the company you’re switching to doesn’t provide service in your neighborhood.
  • The phone number you’re attempting to port out of is no longer active. 
  • Only numbers that are in use right now can be ported.
  • There is no interconnection agreement between your new and old providers. 
  • If the account does not belong to you then might need to get in touch with them. Ask them to take care of this situation.
  • You provided erroneous contact details. 
  • You must make the necessary corrections if your name or address differs between the old and new providers.
  • Your old number has already been disconnected. It would take longer for your number to be ported if you disconnected it before it was finished.
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Among the details required to port a phone number could be:

  • Currently, your account number
  • Your PIN (personal identification number) or passcode
  • The location and phone number associated with your current number
  • The primary account holder’s full name
  • A replica of your latest phone bill
  • Your phone service login credentials online
Final Thoughts:

The type of service provider you are switching from affects how long it takes to process a number port request. Unlike VoIP providers, which typically rely on third-party vendors for the porting process. Vitel Global Communications has porting systems that offer much faster porting transfers. The majority of VoIP service providers estimate that number porting will take 5 to 10 business days. Customers are given the choice of duration. They can use a temporary VoIP phone number from their new provider or maintain access to their current phone number. Through an Interim Number Portability (INP) arrangement with call forwarding. So, tired of searching best service provider who supports the porting process at the best rates? Don’t waste your time browsing as we provide this service immediately but only when you contact us right away.

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