How to hide likes on Twitter for more privacy

On Twitter, people from all corners of the globe can easily become pals, and even strangers might find interest in each other’s posts. However, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their lives so publicly – and that’s absolutely fine. Some users prefer keeping their information private by tweaking their comfortable privacy settings. here we are going to learn How to hide likes on Twitter for more privacy.

The good news is, most social media platforms, including Twitter, understand and respect this need. If you’re someone who values privacy, a simple yet effective method on Twitter is to How to hide likes on Twitter for more privacy. Maybe you want to keep your colleagues unaware of your love for cat memes or prevent friends from stumbling upon an embarrassing interest. Whatever your reasons, we’ve got your back.

While you can’t make your Twitter likes entirely private, you can easily hide them using a couple of straightforward tricks. Additionally, for those looking to enhance their social media presence or make their tweets more engaging, considering services that offer to “buy Twitter likes” is an option.

By doing so, you can increase the visibility of your tweets without compromising your personal preferences. Continue reading to discover how to boost your Twitter privacy, increase the overall security of your account, and even remove those likes you might want to take back.

Who can see your Twitter likes?

If the thought of hiding your likes on Twitter is on your mind, it’s logical to understand who you’re keeping them hidden from.

The visibility of your Twitter likes is determined by your account type. For a public account, both followers and non-followers can easily spot liked posts under the profile’s “Likes” tab. However, if your account is set to private, only your followers get the privilege of accessing this tab.

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It’s worth noting that users receive notifications when both private and public account holders like one of their tweets or a tweet they’ve been tagged in. Understanding these dynamics empowers you to make informed decisions about your Twitter presence.

How to hide likes on Twitter for more privacy

On many social platforms, likes often fly under the radar. Take Instagram, for instance; there’s no dedicated “Likes” tab, making it a bit of a hunt for those interested in your preferences. In contrast, Twitter boldly thrusts this information front and center.

However, if Twitter’s openness about your likes feels a tad too public for comfort, fear not! You can discreetly shield this information by taking a few strategic steps:

1. Fortify Your Fortress: Make Your Account Private

Transform your Twitter haven into an exclusive club. When your account is private, only your followers get a backstage pass to your liked tweets. Keep in mind, though, that this choice brings a few trade-offs: your tweets become an exclusive affair for your audience, and you’ll need to green-light follow requests manually. Here’s your secret handshake to tweak the privacy settings:

  • Log in to your Twitter account, be it on your mobile or desktop.
  • Hit your profile icon, steering towards your lair.
  • Locate “Settings” and then tap into the elusive “Privacy and Safety” menu.
  • Under the cloak of “Your Twitter Activity,” pick “Audience and Tagging.”
  • Flick the switch for “Protect Your Tweets” and revel in your newfound Twitter secrecy.

2. The Art of Like Juggling: Take Back What’s Yours

Even with a private account, your followers can still peep into your liked tweets. To truly shroud your likes in mystery, you must reclaim them. Execute this covert mission under the “Likes” tab – scroll through your liked tweets, and when you spot a heart that should remain a secret, execute the double-tap or click to undo the like.

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In the realm of Twitter likes, you are the master of your domain. Take charge, make it private, and reclaim the power to decide what stays hidden and what takes the spotlight. 🌟

How to hide others’ likes from my feed

Your “For You” feed on Twitter is more than just posts from those you follow. It also includes tweets that people in your social circles have liked. If you wish to curate your feed and avoid seeing liked tweets on specific topics, follow these steps to customize your experience.

1. Open the Twitter Mobile App:

  • Log in to your account on the Twitter mobile app.

2. Access Settings:

  • Tap on your profile photo in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings and Support” and then go to “Settings and Privacy.”

3. Navigate to Privacy and Safety:

  • Choose the “Privacy and Safety” tab.

4. Explore Mute and Block:

  • Tap on “Mute and Block.”

5. Mute Specific Words:

  • Select “Muted Words” and add phrases you want to avoid in your feed.
  • Note: This feature is case-sensitive, so use upper- and lower-case letters accordingly.

6. Mute Specific Accounts:

  • Under “Mute and Block,” choose “Muted Accounts.”
  • Add the handles of users whose tweets you no longer wish to see.
  • Muting doesn’t block users, but it keeps their content out of your feed.

7. Block Unwanted Users:

  • If you want to block a user completely, visit their profile.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner.
  • From the pop-up menu, select “Block” and confirm your choice.
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By following these simple steps, you can personalize your Twitter feed, making it more enjoyable and tailored to your preferences. Don’t let unwanted likes clutter your feed – take control of your Twitter experience today!


Are you looking to boost your privacy on Twitter? Concealing your likes is a great way to maintain a more private online presence. In conclusion, implementing this simple step allows you to enjoy the platform while keeping your engagement discreet. Enhancing your privacy on Twitter has never been easier!

On Twitter, connections span the globe, bringing people together and allowing even strangers to engage with each other’s posts. Yet, not everyone feels at ease laying bare their lives so publicly – and that’s perfectly okay.

Some users prefer safeguarding their information by adjusting their privacy settings to a level that feels just right for them. The reassuring news is that most social media platforms, Twitter included, recognize and honor this need.

For those who highly value privacy, a straightforward and impactful method on Twitter involves hiding your likes. Perhaps you wish to keep your colleagues unaware of your fondness for cat memes or shield friends from stumbling upon an embarrassing interest. Whatever your motivations, rest assured, we’ve got your back.

While achieving complete privacy for your Twitter likes isn’t feasible, you can effortlessly conceal them using a few simple tricks. Keep reading to uncover how to enhance your Twitter privacy, fortify the overall security of your account, and even delete those likes you may wish to take back.

It’s essential to note that resorting to tactics like buying likes on Twitter can compromise your authenticity and online integrity. Stick to genuine interactions and organic growth to establish a trustworthy and engaging online presence.

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