How to become a Automatic Driving Lessons inspector

Automatic driving lessons

The main mission of a driving license inspector is to evaluate candidates during driving tests. This could include car or motorcycle licenses or even obtaining a heavy goods vehicle license. There are also other lesser-known missions, suchas ensuring the proper functioning of Automatic Driving Lessons schools.

What is the role of a driving license inspector?

The driving license inspector will aim to oversee the practical tests of the different licenses available. It will be possible to organize driving tests for different categories of vehicles. Automatic Driving Lessons, the driving license inspector is also the one who can grant the driving instructor certificate. He can also participate in inspections aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of a driving school. He can finally take part in commissions concerning the withdrawal of a driving license. Beyond this role of examiner, the inspector will have a real role of prevention in terms of road risks.

What qualifications are required to become a driving license inspector?

Among the qualities required to become a driving license inspector, you will need to have good interpersonal skills. The inspector must give confidence to people wishing to take a driving test. You should also be very attentive and responsive in the event of danger when taking the exam. Like driving school instructors, he will have the necessary controls to act on driving when it comes to a car license. He must also remain calm in all circumstances. The inspector must be observant so as not to miss anything during the examination, in order to determine an individual’s ability to drive.

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From a technical point of view, the driving license inspector must be perfectly familiar with the highway code. He must also be a real driving technician. Mechanical skills are also essential, since this type of knowledge may be required of the driving license applicant.

To carry out his role as a teacher, he will have to master information concerning road safety. He will thus be able to provide the right reflexes. It will also ensure a person’s ability to drive on the road without endangering themselves and others.

What studies to become a driving license inspector?

The job of driving license inspector is a profession that will be exercised as a civil servant. It will be possible to access the profession by passing a category B competition. To be eligible for this competition, it is necessary to have a baccalaureate level. You must also be over 23 years old, and be able to prove that you have obtained your driving license for more than 3 years. When the person submitting the competition does not work in the public service, they will need to find out about positions available externally.

After possibly passing the competition, it will be possible to join a training course lasting a minimum of 6 months. It could take place in a national road safety and research institute. After this training, a period of internship Automatic Driving Lessons Redditch will allow you to acquire all the necessary practical skills directly in the field. A position will then be offered to the agent. It is important to emphasize that civil servants can take internal competitions to become driving license inspectors. This may be a change for a person working as a category C civil servant.

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What continuing education to become a driving license inspector?

The job of driving license inspector can be an opportunity for retraining. It is not uncommon to see driving professionals pass this type of competition. These could be driving school instructors or directors of this type of company. It is possible to access some of these professions by completing professional training. To become a driving license inspector, the only way is to pass a competition offered by a community. A first experience in the field of driving may facilitate the training period following the competition. However, this is not a prerequisite for registration.

It is important to emphasize that this is one of the rare professions for which a VAE is not possible. You will necessarily have to pass a category B or category A competition to be able to serve in this type of position. It will nevertheless be possible to use the points contained in the CPF account to finance preparatory training for taking the civil service competitions. Many private organizations offer this type of training. It should be noted that civil servants wishing to take this type of competition internally will have to speak to their employer about their professional project in order to be able to use their CPF account for preparation purposes.

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