How do I unlock the butterflies Lens on Snapchat?

Snapchat filter butterflies

Snapchat is among the most used social media apps nowadays. Everyone uses Snapchat. People go crazy for streak records and send snaps to each other daily. In fact people like to share their live experiences with others by sharing their snaps with them. Snapchat allows you to take snaps and add them to your story or share them with your friends and you can chit-chat with your friends at the same time. People on social media use Snapchat filters to their stories and posts to make their content look unique. One or other time every filter of Snapchat had gone viral. Nowadays Snapchat filter butterflies are ruling the world. Everyone is craving to use this filter in their content too. After going through this only once time, you can also use this filter anytime anywhere according to your will. 

Methods to unlock butterfly filters on Snapchat?

Without taking much of your time, let’s take a round at methods through which one can unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat. There are 3 easy ways to unlock any filter on Snapchat. Choose according to your convenience and wish. You can use any of the 3 mentioned below methods to unlock any filter anytime. 

So hold your seats as we are going to dive into methods to unlock our favorite Snapchat filter. 

  1. Snap the snap code:- each filter of Snapchat has its own unique snapcode through which one can open the hidden filter inside it. You just need to open your Snapchat rear camera, scan the snapcode of the desired filter and tap unlock the filter to unlock it. It’s just so easy you just need to scan a code. And after that, you can use the filter and even add it to your favorite filter. So that each time you don’t have to scan a snapcode. It will appear in the favorite filter list of Snapchat lenses.
  1. Use it from stories or snaps:– The second option we have is also very very easy. To Use filters from anyone’s story you just need to view their story and see at the bottom of the screen that there’s an option to use the filter. Just click over there and from now you can use that particular filter on your Snapchat too. If you see a filter in someone’s snap, you just need to open the chat of that particular person and there’s an option ‘try the lens’ below the snap sent by that person. Just click over and try the Snapchat lens and you can now enjoy that filter.
  1. Search in Snapchat lens store:– You can go to the Snapchat lens store and type the name of the filter. For example, the name of the butterfly filter is “paper butterfly” Just search with this name and Snapchat shows you the desired filter and thus you can use it.
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Final words

You can add any lens or filter to Snapchat and share your snaps with your friends. Never get stuck in any social media issue when you have blogs of the latest content on ityug247 available every time.

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