Everything You Wanted To Know About The Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

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Bajaj Auto is the leading motorcycle manufacturer in India. However, this was not always the case. The market share of Bajaj Auto increased when the OEM added the revered Pulsar NS 200 to its line-up. The addition took place way back in 2012.

Apart from being the best bike for long rides, the NS 200 is also a sales chartbuster.

But how?

How can a more-than-a-decade-old motorcycle remain the most desirable street bike in India?

Well, several factors work in favour of the Pulsar NS 200. Some of those factors are enunciated in the sections below.

First off, the NS 200 is one of the most fuel-efficient street bikes in India. To put things into perspective, the real-world mileage of the bike is 36 KMPL, which is impressive. Especially from a 200 CC bike!

The next reason is that the bike is aggressively priced. Despite the looks, performance and impressive built-quality, the bike entails an affordable price tag. The latest iteration of the bike entails a price tag of Rs. 1, 67,283 for the single-channel ABS trim. The Bajaj pulsar price for the dual-channel ABS trim is Rs. 1, 73,140 (ex-showroom).

Other reasons that allow the bike to remain relevant even in 2023 are mentioned below.

Looks that aged like fine wine

The bike retains all the curves and creases of the original lot that came out in the year 2012. The reason cited by Bajaj to keep the design and looks of the bike unchanged is simple. They didn’t feel like the bike needed a design update. Why? Well, buyers are in love with the bike despite its dated looks.

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This means that the latest iteration of the bike retained its attention-seeking headlamp unit. The headlamp unit still comes flanked with two pilot lamps. The fuel tank on the bike retained its muscular design. The tail lamp and the tail section of the bike retained their respective sharp and distinct styling. 

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An engine like no other!

The engine powering the bike was built by Bajaj with help from KTM engineers. This engine has all the technical perfections of KTM. The overall performance of the NS 200’s engine is more or less the same as the Duke 200’s engine.

The NS 200’s engine has a total displacement of 199 CC. The unit has a single cylinder and comes with a fuel injection system. The engine is equipped with a liquid-cooling system. Bajaj also equipped the engine with its patented DTS-i technology. The peak power and torque outputs of the engine are set at 24.13 bhp and 18.74 Nm respectively.

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Unmatched ride quality

The overall ride quality of the bike is like no other street bike available in India. This has been achieved thanks to decades of tweaking from Bajaj engineers. The chassis and suspensions of the bike are tuned to keep the bike stable irrespective of its speed.

The ride quality of the bike is also enhanced thanks to its aggressive riding triangle. The low handlebar and rear-set footrests allow the rider to sit on the bike with a commanding stance. The near-perfect seat height and ground clearance also make the bike perfect for short and best bike for long drive.

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New 2023 additions to the bike from the OEM

The people at Bajaj recently subjected the NS 200 to some much-needed upgrades. The bike now comes with a front USD fork suspension. The bike also entails a top-spec trim that sports dual-channel ABS. The instrument cluster of the bike now comes with updated programming. The updated programming allows the instrument cluster to show additional information like fuel economy information and gear position.

The Pulsar NS 200 is a BS6-compliant street bike that has an unfiltered sporty character. The performance of the bike’s engine is linear and the motorcycle offers an impressive ride quality. Bajaj has perfected the bike’s chassis, engine and suspensions for decades. This also makes the bike one of the most rider-friendly motorcycles from Bajaj. For more details, it would be best to book a test ride of the bike at the nearest Bajaj dealership.

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