Border Crossing Made Easy with Cross Border Xpress

Border Crossing Made Easy with Cross Border Xpress

Crossing the US-Mexico border can be time consuming and stressful, especially if you’re headed to the Tijuana International Airport. However, the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) offers a fast, easy and low-stress way to cross the border and access your flight. This bridge links San Diego directly to the Tijuana Airport terminal in just minutes.

Overview of Cross Border Xpress

The CBX is an enclosed 390-foot long pedestrian skybridge that crosses directly over the US-Mexico border. It provides travelers access between San Diego and the Tijuana International Airport terminal quickly and easily. The bridge is open 24/7 so travelers can utilize it no matter when their flight is scheduled.

How CBX Works

Using the CBX to access the Tijuana International Airport is a simple and efficient process:

Check-In Process

You can check-in and receive your boarding pass at the CBX facility up to 24 hours prior to your departure flight. Airlines that partner with CBX include AeroMexico, Volaris, VivaAerobus, and others. This convenient pre-check-in can save you significant time once you arrive at the airport.

Crossing the Border

After checking in, you simply walk across the enclosed CBX bridge which crosses directly over the border into Mexico. The bridge features traveler-friendly amenities like moving walkways to expedite crossing. The bridge deposits travelers directly into the departures area of the Tijuana International Airport.

Arriving at Tijuana Airport

Once you walk across the CBX bridge, you arrive inside the airport terminals. From here you can access your gate, get food, shop for duty-free items, or relax in the lounge. Your flight will depart and arrive here just like any other airport. Re-entry into the US is also streamlined.

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Benefits of Using CBX

There are many advantages to using the Cross Border Xpress rather than traditional border crossings:

Saves Time

CBX lets travelers cross the border in minutes versus hours in a car or on foot with long lines. You walk directly from the US into the airport lobby, bypassing lengthy waiting.

More Predictable Than Border Crossing

Border wait times in a car or via pedestrian crossing can vary greatly and delay your airport arrival. The enclosed CBX bridge has very consistent, minimal wait, allowing reliable access to catch your flight.

Low-Stress Experience

The convenience of pre-clearing customs and the ease of the short walk across the CBX into the airport makes this option very low-stress. Travelers don’t have to worry about unpredictable border delays.

Cost to Use CBX

Use of the convenient CBX crossing service does come at a price. Their cbx promo code can help reduce the cost, but here are the fees:

Promo Codes and Discounts

CBX does offer promo codes and membership discounts that can significantly reduce the base one-way toll fees. Check their website for current promotions before booking. Multi-trip bundles and memberships offer the best value for frequent border crossers.

Price Comparison to Other Options

The $16+ one-way CBX fee costs more than taking a car/taxi across the border, but it saves considerable time. When comparing to the $30+ one-way cost of Tijuana airport valet parking, the CBX option is attractive for longer trips. Most travelers find the cost justifiable for the huge convenience and time savings.

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Parking Options at CBX

The CBX facility offers parking choices for travelers looking to leave their car in San Diego when flying out of Tijuana International Airport.

Short-Term Parking

If you only need quick airport drop-off/pick-up access, CBX offers a 30 minute short-term parking lot. This covered lot even has bilingual attendants to answer questions. Parking here is free for the first 30 minutes.

Long-Term Parking

For travelers leaving their car for longer-duration trips, CBX has a long-term parking lot immediately adjacent to the CBX terminal. Parking fees are very reasonable at $5 per day and can be paid upon your vehicle exit. Reservations guarantee availability.

Considerations Before Using CBX

While crossing the border via the CBX pedestrian bridge is generally quick and simple, travelers should keep a few things in mind:

Valid Travel Documents

Having current valid government-issued travel documents like passports, visa, resident cards etc is required to utilize CBX services for US and Mexico border crossing in both directions. CBX can assist with questions.

Restricted Items

CBX is not able to transport certain restricted items or dangerous goods across the border. Travelers need to review CBX’s prohibited item guidelines prior to crossing. Some common restricted items include marijuana, fireworks, weapons etc.


For travelers looking to fly in or out of Tijuana International Airport, the Cross Border Xpress offers an easy, fast and predictable border crossing experience. Avoiding lengthy and uncertain traditional border waits saves time and reduces travel stress. Despite minor fees and restrictions, most travelers find CBX well worth the cost and convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payment does CBX accept?

CBX accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash payments in US dollars or Mexican pesos. Memberships must be purchased with credit card.

Can I bring duty-free items back from Tijuana Airport into the US?

Yes, the CBX allows you to easily carry duty-free items like alcohol purchases directly back into the US without any customs hassle. Just stay within the permitted allowance limits.

Do I need a reservation to use CBX border crossing services?

No reservation is required to use CBX. You simply walk across during operating hours. It is advisable to allow sufficient time to check-in though.

Where can I park for free if I want to walk across CBX without my car?

San Diego sector Border Patrol headquarters at 2411 Dairy Mart Rd allows free parking while using CBX if you obtain a permit inside the building first.

What documentation is needed for children to use CBX?

All travelers under 18 years old crossing via CBX must have a valid passport or government-issued ID along with parental permission forms.

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