About All GIIS Scholarship Programme for Students

Scholarship Programme

Scholarship programmes offer students opportunities that can aid their growth and development. It can also set a solid foundation for their career and future. If you’re checking out GIIS educational grants, and you’re wondering what your options are or where to start, this mini-guide should come in handy for you.

Different Types of Scholarships

The Global Indian International School offers a number of grants. Whether you’re looking for need-based financial aid or a future-ready merit scholarship for students, you have a lot of options to choose from. Knowing the different kinds of scholarships offered will help you identify which grants suit your needs.

Check the Requirements

What are the eligibility requirements? There’s no point in learning more about a particular scholarship programme only to find out that it is open only to Indian students. Don’t waste your time. Check the eligibility requirements first before you make a move. Once you’re certain that you qualify, then proceed with much gusto. However, if you’re confused about some of the other requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team behind the programme for clarification and help.

Know the Basics

When is the deadline? The last thing you’ll want is to miss that deadline. Make sure you don’t. Even if you miss it by only an hour or a day, the programme will have your submission tossed. Unless you can cite mitigating circumstances—and really, what kind of situation will that involve—you’ll have a rare chance in getting the panel to accept a late submission, especially when so many other applicants made the deadline.

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Understand the Criteria

Some of the scholarships are only valid for students whose families are earning below a given income level. If your family’s income doesn’t match those figures or is considerably higher, you likely won’t be considered for a need-based scholarship. However, you still might qualify for merit scholarships. These grants are given to students who show exemplary talent in any of the 9GEMs skills, regardless of the financial status of the student.

Not a Full Ride

Some people think scholarships cover all the tuition fees. But that’s not always the case. In fact, it’s rare to bag a scholarship that offers a full ride. However, there are scholarships that cover a significant portion of a student’s years in primary or secondary school. That money is still helping in providing financial freedom and flexibility to the recipient, easing the burden of bills and allowing the student to have more time for school.

Many Options Available

When we say there are plenty of options available, we mean that there are scholarships available for most of your years in primary school or high school. That means you shouldn’t have to stop trying. If you try out for a scholarship and you don’t get it, keep going. Keep trying to get a grant. With more practice, you’re certain to get awarded a scholarship. Just make sure you assess your submissions, evaluate your mistakes, and think carefully before you proceed.

Reach Out for Help

The admissions team behind the programme should be more than welcome to answer your questions or provide clarification. That matters. Many of them will remember you if you approach them about the grant and ask intelligent, insightful questions. That will help build a positive impression of you. The admissions people often talk to the screening committee, too. If you succeed in getting into the final short list of candidates, then that positive impression can do a lot to turn things around and tip it in your favour. If you want to get the best results, ask for help. Request for clarification.

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