5 Must-Have Shopify Apps For Every Fashion Retailer

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The fashion industry is very strong. It dictates changing trends, and culture and makes up a significant share of the 2 million merchants on Shopify. If you are a fashion retailer on Spotify, you already know that setting up a shop on Shopify is very easy and convenient. However, without the right plugins or Shopify apps, your fashion site would be very limited. That’s why store owners often turn to web development outsourcing companies to build a refined fashion website that gives your users a smooth experience. Fortunately, the Shopify store has several apps that can help you customize your store and add valuable features.

Shopify website development services use these Shopify apps for fashion stores:

Top 5 Shopify Apps For Fashion Site

1. Omnisend

Finding new customers can be a real wallet-squeezer these days, especially for the small fashion shops hanging out on Shopify. That’s why a lot of them are getting cozy with SMS and email marketing. Why? Well, these two champs bring in more bucks and give you a shot at selling more stuff to your regular customers.

Now, here’s where Omnisend swoops in to level up your marketing game. They have tools like the Email builder that lets you whip up fancy emails with just a click. You can also play around with email templates and let the Brand Assets feature do the magic by snagging your store’s logo and fonts.

But here’s the deal: If you’re ever scratching your head trying to figure out how to work this app,don’t sweat it. Just hire Shopify developers in India to sort things out for you.

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2. Klarna

Everybody knows that splurging on fashion isn’t a must-have expense. That’s why fashion brands shell out a ton of cash and roll out new ‘seasonal collections, to make people want it even more. So, when folks on a tight budget come to your online store, they might hesitate to buy those fancy clothes. Fortunately, you can increase the purchasing power of your customers with Klarna. It’s a BNPL(Buy Now Pay Later) platform that allows your users to pay later or in installments. While your customers get empowered with flexible payments, you get paid in full upfront. Adding Klarna can significantly boost your sales volume and increase your revenue.

3. Intelistyle

Intelistyle is known for teaming up with top fashion experts. You can deck out your store with the same cool features as those big fashion brands by using this app. It’s got some fancy AI tricks up its sleeve, like the ‘Complete The Look’ feature.

This nifty tool gives your customers smart suggestions to finish their outfits, based on their size, style preferences, and shopping history. Just this feature alone could make your sales soar! And here’s the bonus – there’s a friendly chatbot that can be your users’ stylist. Plus, the AI does the boring job of tagging your products correctly, saving you from the hassle of tedious manual labor.

4. Kiwi

Size charts are super important for any clothing shop. Your customers need to know the inside leg length, chest size, and other measurements to be sure they’re getting clothes that fit them just right. You can jazz up your store with the Kiwi app and throw in these size charts and guides. Moreover, you can make them look however you want to match your store’s vibe, and switch between centimeters, inches, or whatever suits your customers all around the world.

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Having a size chart is like a win-win – customers find the perfect fit, and you keep your hard-earned cash with fewer returned apparel.

5. Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews is the perfect solution for store owners to build trust with new customers and increase the loyalty of existing customers with more transparency. The app doesn’t just allow you to add the review feature to your store but also imports them from your social media channels. You can also set it up to automatically send review requests to customers with SMS and Email templates.

A Shopify e-commerce development company can also help you make the most out of this app by implementing its advanced features without a hitch. All these fancy apps can give your store that high-end fashion vibe, no doubt. However, juggling app setups, integrations, and management with your online store while sourcing or designing new products can be quite tiring. Consider opting for Shopify Development Services in India to polish your store without breaking the bank.

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