What Is The CDSCO Registration Process?

CDSCO Registration

CDSCO means Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation which is a National Regulatory Authority that comes under the Directorate General of Health Services. The CDSCO is responsible for defining the standards for Drugs which include their quality, coordination of SDCO, and facilitating better regulation for drugs and Cosmetics Act. In the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies is paramount. The CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization) Registration Process stands as a crucial milestone for businesses aiming to navigate this intricate terrain seamlessly.

In the realm of pharmaceuticals, CDSCO Registration serves as the cornerstone for market entry. This regulatory approval is not just a legal requirement; it’s a testament to a product’s adherence to stringent quality and safety standards.

For CDSCO registration in India, the following applicants can apply-

  • Indian Agents
  • Importers 
  • Corporates 
  • Foreign enterprise holding Indian subsidiary. 

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Documents Required for CDSCO Registration

There are several documents that are needed for CDSCO registration. Here we have mentioned these documents- 

  • Identity proof of the applicant
  • Wholesale License
  • Undertaking allotted by a Government Authority
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Uploading of the copy BE (bioequivalence) or BA (Bioavailability) Site Registrations as issued by CDSCO 

Understand The Divisions of CDSCO

Multiple divisions that come under CDSCO are Cosmetics, DCC-DTAB, BA/BE, Import and Registration of Drugs, New Drugs, Medical Devices and Diagnostics, biologicals, and Vaccines. Whereas, if we discuss the purpose of CDSCO then it can be obtained for various purposes. Applicants can register under the CDSCO for test license, dual-use NOC, cosmetic registration, import or manufacture of drugs, blood bank registration, BA or BE approved sites, ethics committee registration, export NOC, Blood product registration, formulation of research and development organization, ethics committee registration. 

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The Procedure for CDSCO Registration

The CDSCO registration process is online and includes a step-by-step process. To obtain CDSCO registration under the online portal of CDSCO. The initial step is to visit the CDSCO registration portal. Then apply for registration, for this step, you have to go to the registration purpose page and click on submit. After opening the application registration page, complete the form with the information asked in the application form. The information that is asked in the form is application type, name, password and user name, mobile number, and email ID. Later on, fill up the registered Indian address form that includes CIN(corporate identification number), contact number, address, organization name, and its type, and corporate address proof. 

Submit the form carefully that contains accurate information. After submitting the application, you will receive a confirmation link to your registered email ID for verification. After verification, click on the link for activating your account on the CDSCO portal. 

When the confirmation link is clicked, the application for CDSCO registration will be sent to authority for the final approval. Once the application gets approved, then approval mail will be sent to your registered email ID. But, if the application gets rejected then rejection mail will be sent to you. If you achieve approved mail then that means CDSCO registration will be completed. 

Why CDSCO Registration Matters for Your Business

Market Credibility

CDSCO Registration elevates your product’s credibility in the market. Consumers and stakeholders perceive it as a mark of quality and safety, fostering trust in your brand.

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Legal Compliance

In an industry governed by strict regulations, CDSCO Registration is not just a choice; it’s a legal necessity. Non-compliance can lead to severe consequences, including product recalls and legal repercussions.

Access to Wider Markets

CDSCO Registration opens doors to broader markets. International collaborations and exports become more accessible, expanding your business horizons.


CDSCO registration is beneficial in various ways for pharma companies. It helps in increasing market access, credibility, and trust among consumers as well as healthcare professionals. Through CDSCO registration you can contribute towards the safety of human beings.  It is not just a requirement for drugs but a move towards safety for public health. 

If an organization manufactures or imports/exports drugs then it is essential to obtain CDSCO registration through its online portal. This registration also improves your visibility in front of the competitors and builds confidence among consumers. Make sure that you understand the whole process of CDSCO registration and its divisions for the completion of this procedure. 

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