Causes of Erectile Dysfunction That You May Be Ignoring

One prevalent sexual disorder that affects males, or Assigned Males at Birth (AMAB), is erectile dysfunction (ED).

The inability to achieve and sustain a strong erection during sexual activity is known as ED.

A number of mental and physiological variables might contribute to erectile dysfunction.

The onset of ED can also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

We’ll talk about a few reasons of erectile dysfunction in this post that you might not be aware of.

We will also discuss the various approaches to treating ED for use Tadarise 20.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Multiple variables may be involved in the development of ED.

These reasons might be either physical or psychological, depending on what set them off.

A mix of psychological and physical elements may be present in certain individuals.

A physical injury, for instance, may cause one’s sexual response to slow down.

An NCBI study suggests that a physical injury may cause anxiety in a person.

Reasons for Ineffective Penis

The development of ED may be influenced by several factors.

Depending on what caused them, these causes might be psychological or physical.

Some people may have both physical and psychological components in equal measure.

For example, a physical injury might slow down a person’s sexual reaction.

Anxiety may result from a physical injury, according to an NCBI research.

Psychological factors are common causes of erectile dysfunction and include:

Depression Stress


Anxiety about sexual performance

problems in relationships

Other mental health issues

Typically, ED is brought on by a psychological factor and may be transient.

Depending on the etiology, temporary ED might last for several months or even years.

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To be classified as transient ED, however, symptoms of ED must persist for at least six months.

Your ED symptoms should normally go better after your mental health condition is under control.

Many people may have physical reasons of ED symptoms.

The most important physical cause of ED, according to NIDDK, is a physical injury or underlying illness.

Significantly lower testosterone levels also contribute to ED.

A few underlying medical disorders listed below have the potential to cause erectile dysfunction:


Diabetes Inflamed The prostate

heart ailment

elevated blood pressure

elevated cholesterol


Metabolic Disorder

Several sclerosis

Parkinson’s illness

Peyronie’s Syndrome

issues with sleep

These factors either impair the nerves necessary for sexual stimulation or limit blood supply to the penis.

Consequently, guys find it challenging to become erected.

In addition to a medical condition, certain lifestyle choices might also result in ED. These consist of:

Alcoholism and other substance misuse disorders

Smoking Leads to Obesity

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to controlling the ED’s underlying medical conditions.

Talk to your doctor about healthy habits that might help control these symptoms.

Exercise on a regular basis to improve your lifestyle. This can be quite important for preserving general health. Read our in-depth article, “Learn What are Erectile Dysfunction Exercises and How to Do Them,” to learn about a variety of exercises designed to control ED.


Patients with metabolic syndrome have elevated insulin levels, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and excess body fat around the waist.

Scarring inside the penile tissues is a symptom of Peyronie’s disease.

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drugs that contribute to erectile dysfunction

An someone may get ED as a side effect from various medications they may be taking.

It is among the main reasons why erection dysfunction occurs.

A number of pharmaceutical drugs may make you more susceptible to ED.

The following prescription medications may result in erectile dysfunction:

Antihistamines and antidepressants


medications for epilepsy such as gabapentin

medications for high blood pressure, such as lisinopril

H2 receptor antagonists for histamine

NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,

If you use any of these medications or any other prescriptions, talk to your doctor.

To lessen the chance of adverse effects, your doctor could alter the medication or the dosage.

ED treatment options

It might be an indication of ED if you are having problems achieving or maintaining an erection.

Having these symptoms frequently may make you more susceptible to ED.

To find out whether you have erectile dysfunction, speak with a doctor.

They will identify the reason of ED in your situation following a correct diagnosis.

A course of treatment for ED will be recommended by the doctor based on the reason.

Doctors frequently prescribe medications to treat ED.

Doctors frequently recommend ED medications such as Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra.

Rarely, medication alone may not be sufficient to manage ED.

For such patients, doctors may suggest penile suction devices or surgical procedures.


Having regular erection problems might be an indication that ED is developing.

Since erectile dysfunction is caused by a variety of conditions, there may be more than one.

There might be a physical or psychological component that initiates these causes.

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You must treat these factors as soon as possible to prevent the aggravation of ED symptoms.

See your physician if you are experiencing difficulties achieving or sustaining an erection.

Upon diagnosis, the physician will suggest an appropriate course of action.

For ED, prescription medications are frequently the primary line of therapy.

Answers to Common Questions

Which factors are most frequently responsible for male erectile dysfunction?

Anxiety and depression are two typical psychological variables that contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Relationship problems and excessive stress can also lead to ED.

Physical factors include diabetes, obesity, prescription drugs for unrelated ailments, and pelvic operations.

Why is erectile dysfunction brought on by drugs?

One major adverse effect of several prescription medications is erectile dysfunction (ED).

These medications can have an impact on a man’s hormones, nerves, or blood flow even if they are intended to treat a disease or condition.

This behavior may either directly cause ED or increase its likelihood.

Which drugs are most frequently the cause of erectile dysfunction?

Among the drugs that are most likely to result in ED symptoms are:

Psychotropic drugs

Reducing Epilepsy



If you are currently on any of these medications, speak with your doctor.

It might be possible to manage the symptoms if you stop taking these medications or adjust the dosage.

Which illicit substances are the cause of ED?

AMAB or ED in males can also result from using illicit substances such marijuana, nicotine, opiates, cocaine, and barbiturates.

Alcohol and tobacco use are other factors that contribute to ED.

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