7 Best Polo Shirts for Men with Refreshing Colors

7 Best Polo Shirts for Men with Refreshing Colors

Are you looking to purchase trendy polo shirts but don’t have any idea?              

Then, don’t you worry!

Because in this blog, we will be sharing some best styles and suitable colours for polo shirts.

You know already – polo T-shirts are a very common attire and these are mostly worn casually. When purchasing a shirt you have to consider many things i.e., from fit to style and refreshing colours that enhance your overall look.

Therefore, to make your selection easy we have listed multiple styles and colours that will surely help you add flavour to your casual lifestyle.

Hence, Check Them Out!

7 Best Men’s Polo Shirts with Different Styles and Colours

Style: Classic Polo

Recommended Hues: Pista Green and Charcoal

The polo shirt was introduced to the market in 1933 by René Lacoste, a tennis player. Since then, its original design has remained unchanged – a short-sleeved shirt made of cotton pique with a flat collar that buttons up. Men’s Lacoste polo shirts are elegant and versatile, available in a wide variety of colours.

Nowadays, personalised polo shirts in solid colours and without logos have gained immense popularity. Additionally, classic polo shades like Pista Green and Charcoal can add an extra touch to your casual attire.

Style: Athletic Polo

Recommended Hues: White, Black and Grey

Athletic polos are designed to suit an active lifestyle and sports enthusiasts. They have a slim, ergonomic fit that allows for unrestricted movement. Men’s golf polo shirts, with wider shoulders and sleeves, are particularly suitable for those with an athletic build. Apart from their performance features, athletic polos also make a fashion statement. They incorporate the latest fashion trends, making them a versatile choice for sports activities and daily wear. The most popular athletic polo colours are white, black, and grey.

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Style: Summer Polo

Recommended Hues: Light and Dark Combo

As the weather gets warmer, polo shirts are adorned with patterns and embroidery inspired by vacation and the outdoors. These can feature flowers, palm trees, sailboats, and exotic birds. However, if you want a more subtle summer look, choose polos with embroidery only on the chest, or styles with understated patterns, such as mosaic-inspired geometric shapes.

Besides, to stay on trend, opt for colours or patterns that combine light and dark shades and will complement any item in your wardrobe.

Style: Stripped Polo

Recommended Hues: Vibrant Colours

The nautical-themed polo shirt is a popular fashion choice this season. Horizontal stripes, whether they are wide or narrow, remind us of the ocean and are available in a classic colour palette of blue, red, and black. A striped polo shirt looks particularly appealing when it comes in bright and lively colours. The use of vibrant colours gives a refreshing and youthful appearance that captures both the energy and tranquillity of the seaside.

Style: Rugby Polo

Recommended Hues: Combination with White

This season, long-sleeved polo shirts with wider stripes are gaining popularity. These shirts are inspired by the sports jerseys of prestigious universities and give off a rugby vibe. They usually come with a white collar, which was once a symbol of the elite.

The wide-striped polo is made of a thick jersey material and is sometimes accentuated by logos. It can be both casual and sophisticated, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Hence, if you are looking for a sophisticated look, opt for a rugby polo in a colour that pairs well with white.

Style: Contrasting Texture Polo

Recommended Hues: Red and Sea-Green

Combining a moderate approach with distinctive flair, polo shirts that feature contrasting details are highly versatile. The collars may be adorned with various colours or small patterns, while narrow trims can accentuate the sleeves.

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So, if you desire a bold and attention-grabbing appearance, opt for a polo with broad blocks of colour on the shoulders and sleeves. The most popular colours for this style are red and sea green.

On the other hand, if you prefer a vintage look, choose a polo with retro-style trim on the collar and a textured fabric, such as a checkered knit. In case you still feel uncertain about picking the ideal polo shirt, you can customize your t-shirt by availing of cheap t shirt printing in Dubai according to your preference and need.

Style: Johny Collar Polo

Recommended Hues: Navy and Olive Green

The Johnny collar polo is a type of shirt with an open collar that was named after the popular singer and actor, Johnny Mathis. During the 1960s, Mathis often wore shirts with this style of collar, which has now been reworked in various fabrics to give it a modern twist. So, if you’re looking for a retro-inspired look, the Johnny collar polo might be just what you need.

The textured material of the polo shirt reminds of beach towels and gives it a vacation vibe perfect for sunny summer weekends. It pairs well with sporty shorts and slide sandals, making it a great choice when the temperature rises. The polo shirt is available in popular shades of navy and olive green.

Additionally, the soft and lightweight knit polo is a top trend. Its wrinkle-resistant fabric makes it ideal for formal events and diversifies your professional wardrobe.


What is the recommended length for a polo shirt?

The recommended polo shirt length is somewhere below your belt and between your mid-fly. However, a slightly longer polo shirt is a safer option because it helps not to expose your stomach when you lift your arms.

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What is the suitable size of the logo on a polo shirt?

The suitable size of the logo is around four to five inches on a polo shirt. Also, it is recommended not to have a big logo placement on your polo shirt as it gives an untidy appeal to your t-shirt.

Where to put the name on a polo shirt?

Most often the logos are placed on the left side of the chest. However, the name patches can also be placed on the right side of the person’s chest.  Also, to align the logo, the inside edge of the collar is utilized as the centre line.

Is screen print possible on a polo shirt or not?

Yes, screen print is possible on a polo shirt when you are looking for something different and non-traditional. However, if you are planning to screen print small text or detailed logos then it is not a viable option.

Wrap Up!

Well, summing it up! Polo t-shirts are a great way to enhance your casual attire. The apt selection of it showcases your personality and style. These are easy and very comfortable to wear. Hence, if you are looking to purchase something trendy yet extraordinary then choose from the options listed above. These are suitable for any type of corporate and social events. Also, you can get access to men’s polo shirts from online stores, where you will find a large collection and can choose from multiple options.

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